Once there are enough comics here, I’ll start splitting the archive into subjects. But for now, a list ordered by date:


Aug 25The Hindu God Family Tree


Jul 4Ain’t No Tragedy Like An Ancient Greek Tragedy
May 15Presidents III: Harding – Obama
May 6Presidents II: Lincoln – Wilson
Apr 29Presidents I: Washington – Buchanan
Feb 16The Guano Problem
Jan 26The Landsknecht’s Fancy Pants


Nov 23The Egyptian God Family Tree
Oct 1When a Tulip Was Worth More Than a House
Sep 8Mummy Brown and Other Historical Colors
Jul 15Voltaire Broke the Lottery
Jul 3Pre-Humans: A Primer
Jun 20The Norse God Family Tree
May 25Management Secrets of Genghis Khan
May 12When We Thought Radioactivity Was Healthy
May 1The Emu War
Apr 24Potato III: Attack of the Clones
Apr 12The Greek God Family Tree
Apr 3Potato II: Potato Rises
Mar 27When the US (almost) Nuked North Carolina
Mar 20Potato Begins
Mar 13What to Wear In 1785
Mar 6The Pig War
Feb 27Headless Folks of the French Revolution